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Suffering a serious or catastrophic injury is disorienting for anyone, and the repercussions can be devastating. From emergency medical care bills to lost wages, financial losses soon become overwhelming for many people On top of these challenges, pain and suffering can lead to despair. In the midst of the difficulties, it is important to get legal advice early in the recovery process. The sooner, the better, in fact.

At Sexton & Moody, P.C., we are ready to take the ball on your behalf and do the hard work behind the scenes while you focus on getting well and adapting to life after the injury. Founded by the late Lee Sexton, a very highly respected criminal defense attorney, our firm carries on the twin legacies of hard work and dedication to clients’ well-being. Work with a McDonough personal injury attorney from our firm, and you will soon understand what we are all about: making life better for people in harsh circumstances.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases On Our Docket

At any given time, we may be helping people recover compensation after suffering injuries in one or more of these kinds of accidents:

  • Car, motorcycle and semi-truck accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents and other situations leading to premises liability claims
  • Explosions resulting in burn injuries
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Exposure to toxic substances

No matter what type of accident led to your injuries or the death of your loved one, we are keenly interested in your story. Our Georgia personal injury lawyers are also ready to begin an investigation to discover whose negligence caused the incident.

Steps To Take After Being Hurt Due To Another’s Negligence

Immediately after an accident, you may not know what caused it. You just know that you have been hurt. This is why your top priorities should be:

  • Getting medical evaluation and treatment as appropriate
  • Gathering information such as eyewitnesses’ contact information, a police report, photos of your injuries and photos and descriptions of the scene of the accident
  • Taking advantage of a personal injury attorney’s offer of a free consultation
  • Following doctors’ orders as much as possible, and documenting these efforts to get well

Equally important are some things that you should beware of doing, such as:

  • Discussing your case with anyone but your lawyer
  • Expressing opinions about whether you were partially at fault
  • Taking part in any investigations or recorded interviews without having an attorney present to advise you

Let Sexton & Moody, P.C., provide the resources and advocacy that you need to overcome opposition from insurers and protect your rights at this time.

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